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Mechanical Testing

Our structural laboratory has a range of machines for tension/compression, bending, torsion, fatigue and creep tests including:

  • Instron 8501 servohydraulic 100 kN dynamic   ​
  • Instron MDS 666C high temperature chamber
  • Instron high temperature 4-point bend rig
  • Instron 5582 screw-driven 100 kN universal test machine
  • Instron 4301 screw-driven 50 kN universal test machine
  • Instron 3345 screw-driven 500 N universal test machine
  • Avery/Instron 1000 kN “universal” testing rig
  • ​ElectroPuls E3000 All-Electric Dynamic Test Instrument (ID-E3000NL)​​

Microscopy, Thermal and Non-Destructive Testing

The School of Marine Science and Engineering has access to a suite of microscopy, surface analysis, thermal and non-destructive testing equipment including:

  • SkyScan1174 x-ray micro-computer-tomography 
  • Olympus LEXT OLS3000 confocal laser scanning microscope (CLSM) with Table Stable TS-150 anti-vibration mounting 
  • Olympus BX60M and BX61 optical microscope with ColorView Soft Imaging System 
  • Wave Scan Dual surface quality measurement 
  • Polymer Laboratories PL-DSC differential scanning calorimeter 
  • NEC Avio Infrared Technologies Thermo Tracer TH7102WX 
  • Olympus Panametrics Epoch LT ultrasonic flaw detector
  • Sovereign Quantum survey meter 
  • Tramex Skipper Plus moisture meter
  • JSM 7001F SEM with X-ray (EDS, WDS, EBSD) microanalysis 
  • JSM 5600 low-vacuum SEM for observation of non-conducting, uncoated specimens 
  • ​​JEM 1200 EXII high-resolution 120kV TEM

​​ MIL1_340.jpgMIL2_340.jpg

High Performance Computing Cluster


HPC_340.jpgA 384 cores cluster, recently further enhanced to 672 cores for numerical modelling and highly compute intensive computational analysis work. This capability is enhanced with software such as ANSYS-CFX, AQWA, STAR-CCM+, OpenFOAM, Swan, Matlab etc.

In addition to these specific research facilities, the School of Marine Science and Engineering have the following supporting facilities for engineering research: General workshops; Structures, Mechanics and Materials laboratories; Heavy Structures Laboratory; Control Systems Engineering Laboratory; Rapid Prototyping machines; Energy Laboratory with Diesel engine test bed, Wind tunnel and Combined Heat and Power demonstration unit; Light Fluids Laboratory; Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory; Moisture meters for small craft surveying; The Diving and Marine Centre with technical support for marine based projects and research activities. ​