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MPhil/PhD Opportunities

  • Residual stresses in components and structures
  • Fatigue design and life prediction
  • Electrochemical processes to protect reinforcing steel from corrosion in RC structures
  • Multi-phase modelling of biomaterials
  • Advanced materials surface coating for medical implants
  • Application of intelligent techniques to improve the prediction of masonry structures
  • Dynamic testing and analysis of full-scale and model structures
  • Local, distortional and lateral-torsional buckling of thin-walled structures
  • Ground improvement and soil-structure interaction, slope stabilisation with piles, and piled embankments
  • Applications of adaptive and evolutionary search and optimisation techniques and neural computing in structural engineering
  • Exploration and visualisation search and solution spaces using evolutionary computing
  • Autoclave, infusion and resin transfer moulding processes
  • Applications in transport and renewable energy
  • Mechanical and non-destructive testing
  • Numerical modelling and optimisation techniques for stress, heat and moisture transport
  • Fatigue failure of offshore composite pipelines
  • Microstructural characterisation (including X-ray microtomography)
  • Sustainable composites, including life cycle assessment and waste management
  • Nanoparticle/nanotubes reinforced polymer composite for anticorrosion anti-wear coatings
  • Fire safety engineering design of structures