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The Balance Enhancement and Ulcer Prevention (BEUP) Programme

The Balance Enhancement and Ulcer Prevention (BEUP) Programme is an academic/NHS multidisciplinary collaboration. The groups’ collaborative long term aim is to translate the results from its published research into everyday clinical practice for the benefit of patients with diabetes (and peripheral neuropathy).
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Neuropathy affects 50% of people who have had diabetes for 20 years. The clinical signs include loss of feeling in the feet, lower limb muscle weakness and joint stiffness. These changes can alter the way people walk and cause a loss of information passed from the feet to the brain. Problems associated with such changes include increased risk of foot ulceration, reduced balance and increased incidence of falls within those affected by diabetic neuropathy.
Incorporated within the Centre for Health and Social Care Inovation (CHeSCI), the BEUP programme involves researchers from the rehabilitation research group, diabetologists, podiatrists, physiotherapists and people with diabetes, with specialist knowledge of diabetic foot ulcer management, foot pressure analysis, orthotic design, balance problems and walking disorders, to focus on the problems faced by people with diabetes and neuropathy.