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At DesignFlow we focus on understanding the requirements of the client from a practical engineering perspective. Understanding these requirements allows us to select and apply the most effective analysis /design methods.  We often work in partnership with the Marine Innovation Centre (MARIC) to deliver engineering support to industry.
prop1.jpgThe expert application of computational tools offers industry unparalleled flexibility in product performance assessment and design. Workflows ranging from a standalone performance comparison right through to full design optimisation can be performed.
 Marine Propeller Streamtube Contraction
With the rapid progression of CAD/CFD software interfaces, it is now possible to fully integrate computational performance analysis into the design process. This means that structured application of CFD can not only be used to inform the design process but actually drive it.
At DesignFlow we focus on addressing real world engineering problems, giving clients in depth interpretation of results, explaining not just what the results are but what they mean.
Analysis of a problem or a given design is fundamental in assessing its performance and driving itsPorous_Losses.png
improvement. At DesignFlow we use our understanding of client requirements to select the most appropriate analysis tool.
These can range from simple hand calculations right through to full parametric design calculations, Finite Element Analysis, a range of CFD methods or even development of bespoke software.
Mathematical Modelling of Heat Exchanger Flow         
DesignFlow is founded on extensive practical design engineering experience in a wide range of industry sectors.
Although each design project presents new challenges, this wealth of experience combines with both a structured approach and the analysis tools at our disposal to develop innovative designs from concept through to completion. 
We can help at any stage of the design process, whether it be focusing on methods for enhancing creativity and innovation, analysing and iteratively improving designs using a risk mitigation strategy, developing powerful parametric 3D CAD models or virtual testing of prototype designs. 
Alternatively, we can manage the entire design process for you based on your design brief.
Lifeboat Ballast Tank Water Scoop Design