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Marine Innovation Centre (MARIC) - Building on the international success of Plymouth University’s Marine Institute, MARIC streamlines access to the cutting-edge resources of the University and its growing network of specialist partners.

Coastal, Ocean Sediment Transport Lab (COaST) - The COAST laboratory combines wave, current and wind power to create a dynamic ‘theatre’ appropriate for device and array testing, environmental modelling and coastal engineering. The equipment is so flexible that it can generate short and long-crested waves in combination with currents at any direction to the waves, sediment dynamics, tidal effects and wind

Plymouth University Innovation Services - Learn more about what Research with Plymouth University can offer you, your community, or your business.

Plymouth University Enterprise Solutions - Your gateway to accessing Plymouth Universities range of facilities, services and expertise.

Relevant Undergraduate Courses - Access to information on a range of technical engineering courses available at Plymouth University.

A range of assistance is available to SMEs wishing to access cutting edge technology to drive improvement and offer insight. Universities South West Innovation Vouchers and Technology Strategy Board Innovation Vouchers are two such schemes. Contact us for more information.

Plymouth University will be competing in the European International Submarine Races.  Click here to find out more about the event.